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Hi From WBC18 in Walla Walla

Wow! Walla Walla’s wine game is freaking on point. In the short time I’ve been here it’s been an oethical oenologist’s dream. An outdoorsy paradise where industry folks respect and understand the land, waters and all that live and grow here. Winemakers focused on getting healthcare for workers? That’s a unionist’s dream! And the wine? Whoah. I’ll be around today and am always up for meeting new folks. Here’s where you can find me during the final day of WBC18.

Find The Oethical Oenologist at WBC18

This morning I plan on learning how to perfect my pitch so I’ll be heading to Stacy Ladenburger’s, of GuildSomm, breakout session on how to do just that.

Then at 11:15 I’m presenting in Clark with John Cashman of Digital Firefly Marketing on readability and Google. This word nerd is ready to tell you all about what Google considers good writing and how to leverage some great free tools to make sure that your content ranks in search queries. Remember that mention of Yoast yesterday during the incredible panel on social? That’s a huge focus of our session. John’ll get into RankBrain and Hummingbird. If you’ve got another session in mind don’t hesitate to reach out after for a copy of our presentation and some helpful resources—we’ll be providing participants with a digital packet, too!

After lunch I’m discovering Rioja before tasting the cheeses of Europe.

Greased Lightning

I took a leap and signed on to do a lightning talk at 4 pm. Everyone’s an expert on the Internet (suuuuuuuuure) so I’m sharing, and correcting, some of the worst social media advice out there in what I hope is a helpful and fun way. Will the net appear?

Introduce yourself and teach me about your niche! Nancy Koziol author of forthcoming homebrewing book.

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