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Week In A Glass

“In Spite of Daytime Planners, Higher Standards, Dreams Defended…

Feel free to jump right down to my holiday pairing suggestions! There’s just something electric about this time of year. The anticipation is everywhere. Of a new year, new resolutions, new goals and dreams. I don’t like it. I’m serious. Don’t get me wrong: I’m a holiday JUNKIE. But I hate the way we rush […]

vinho verde rose and grilled cheese and soup
Week In A Glass

Brighten Up Your Fall and Winter Fare with Vinho Verde Wines

Today’s going to be a study in the beauty of contrast. The clocks have changed and it’s dark by six here in Southern Vermont, yet the weather has been delightfully warm. I’m holding onto it at long as I can—snow is in the forecast for later this week—and one way I’m doing that is by […]

Basil mead starts with fresh, local basil.
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How to Make Basil Mead: 1 Gallon Mead Recipe

In the mood to brew? Try this flavorful basil mead recipe!

Learn how to fix a common wine flaw!

“I’ve Lost Count of the Times I’ve Given Up on You…”

First, not all flawed wine is corked. Second, when you know the difference between basic wine flaws you can be a superhero and save wine with one specific flaw.