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Homebrewing Recipe: Cranberry Mead

Easy one gallon cranberry mead. Start it now and it’ll have time to bottle condition a bit for Thanksgiving 2018!

Acorn Wine, when done right, comes out like a full-bodied Sauternes.
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This Week’s Recipe: Acorn Wine

This recipe assumes basic knowledge of making wine. If you have not made wine before, this recipe will not be helpful. Earlier this week I posted about foraging. It’s not difficult to forage enough acorns to make wine. Unlike many herbal and fruit wines, nut wines often taste nothing like their unfermented selves. Depending on […]

A small kitchen isn't a problem when you brew one gallon batches.
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Homebrew Hack: The One Gallon Batch

Good things come in small packages, including one gallon batches of homebrewed deliciousness.

How to get these babies home? Tips on packing for wine country.
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Homebrew Recipe: Harvesting Yeast From Beer Bottle Dregs

The next time you’re pouring beer, consider saving the bottle dregs to cultivate yeast.