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Kind of on top of the world thanks to how well my book on brewing mead is doing!
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The Joy of Brewing Cider, Mead, and Herbal Wine is AVAILABLE NOW!

My book, all about brewing mead, cider and herbal wine is available now on presale! And there are events scheduled including my official book release party here in Bennington. NYC events are in the works.

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Homebrewing Recipe: Cranberry Mead

Easy one gallon cranberry mead. Start it now and it’ll have time to bottle condition a bit for Thanksgiving 2018!

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Homebrew Hack: Finding Ethical Honey

Keeping in line with all this bees-ness about honey I’ve got some tips for how to sniff out the good stuff when it comes to finding honey for your mead if you’re not a vegan. How To Find Ethical Honey Engaging in a conversation with the person you’re buying honey from is a great way […]

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Tip Tuesday: The Question of Honey

Is mead ethical? Is honey? A look at honey and how to choose whether it’s right for you.