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July 31-August 6: Week In A Glass (Pitcher)

I drank a LOT of sangria this week.

Somehow I drank very little this week, despite traveling.
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July 24 – July 31: Week In A Glass

Here’s what I drank during the last full week of July. And a few tips on how to better keep track of what you’re drinking.

Three Vermont craft beers, Vermont wine.
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July 17 – July 23: Week In A Glass

What have I been drinking? Good stuff! I drank a lot less in variety and volume both: it was a very busy week for me on the work front. I’m headed to Newport, Rhode Island Thursday so I imagine I’ll make for that in local booze this week! Vermont Craft Beer, Vermont Wine & Mead […]

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Join Me Tomorrow at 10 a.m. To Learn How to Brew Mead!

Just a quick post to invite you to join me tomorrow  at 10 a.m. EST to learn how to brew a one gallon batch of mead. I’ll broadcast via FB Live on my author page and take you through the process from sanitation through making the must, pitching the yeast, and getting the first fermentation […]