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Week In A Glass (Week 2)

It’s Wednesday, so let’s talk about wine.  We didn’t go out to dinner Friday night… we go out to dinner every Friday night, but this week we were both pretty exhausted and decided to finish off the bottle of Chop Shop I talked about last week with some light fare.  Stuffed grape leaves, olives, hot peppers, […]


If I Ever Had My Own Wine Blog…

…it would be called Oethical Oenology.  And I would post things like this… my recent piece for Winedom.  I love learning about business that are guided by ethical principles: whether it comes to supporting the earth, local communities, animals.


Vermont Wine & Harvest Festival

Next weekend Kris and I are heading a little east and then a little north to attend The Vermont Wine & Harvest Festival.  This is year 8 and it sounds fantastic.  I know NOTHING about Vermont wine so I’m very interested in taking a gander and learning about the area wine.  For the most part […]

Wine Bloggers Conference 2015

5 Things I Learned At The Wine Bloggers Conference

A week ago I got home from the Wine Bloggers Conference. And it was awesome.  A little overwhelming at first, but my personality type is exactly the type that would be completely overwhelmed walking into a new place where it appeared most people knew at least one other person and I’m like, “Hey…” and reminding […]