Welcome to The Oethical Oenologist. This blog is the place to learn about mead, cider, wine and beer through the lens of ethical consumption. Whether visiting with local farmers to learn about sustainable practices, drinking a biodynamic wine with the winemaker, or brewing my own batch of mead I’ll photograph it, write about it, and share it here.

Interested in learning about sustainability and eco-friendly practices? Most posts are filtered through that lens and on Tuesday? Tuesday’s Tip Tuesday, when I’ll share one way you can take a step toward a more eco-centric lifestyle that week.

On Sunday I’ll share what I’ve had to drink that week. These posts are a little longer than I’d like to admit but whatever. We’ll call it “research”. Sometimes there will be a lot to say, sometimes I’ll just link back to the same beverages. Sometimes I’ll share some big tasting notes. Other times? The more interesting story might be the couple next to me at the bar. I will always share what I ate (if anything) with each drink. And sometimes I’ll share a recipe or two.

So, whether you want to learn about how fermented beverages can be homebrewed, packaged, and purchased ethically OR interested in how you can have a more eco-friendly lifestyle you’ve come to the right place and I’m glad you’re here. The stick menu at the top is the easiest way to navigate. Cheers!