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Nancy Koziol is The Oethical Oenologist. The Oethical Oenologist is also this wine blog.

Welcome! Here, narrative takes the front seat and is driven by a love of wine, local, the earth and humanity. And humor. And good music. Because, let’s face it, that first description is kind of heavy. But sometimes there are heavy, sobering doses of nostalgia here. And ennui.

Basically, this is where I write about wine.

The Oethical Oenologist is…

A blog that explores the world of wine (and other alcohol) through an ethical lens. Find tips for home brewing more sustainably and incorporating more ethical practices into your daily life.

What You’ll Find

I write posts about wine, wine regions, wine makers and tasting rooms based on my experience as a traveling wine writer. But that’s not all. I also write about the wine I drink at home, with my husband or friends.

Many posts are about a bigger theme – they often traipse through memory to make a connection or teach a lesson.

Your new favorite song is likely hiding out here. I enjoy connecting posts to songs that resonate with whatever I’m writing or thinking about.

Homebrewing recipes! There are lots of small-batch (1 gallon) recipes for mead, cider and herbal wine waiting for you to discover them. Furthermore, you’ll find tips to help you brew more ethically.

Posts based on experiences, dinners, trips and events always include tasting notes – you can usually find these at the end. You’ll always find my FTC disclosures up front, before I link to someone who provided me with something in return for writing about them. I am honest in my reviews and rather than lie I will decline to write about a place, sample, or experience.

Ethical product reviews can be found throughout the site.

Learn about my local community and those I visit or have lived in.

Who Is Nancy Koziol?

Nancy Koziol is The Oethical Oenologist

Nancy Koziol lives in Bennington, Vermont. She is the author of the upcoming book, “The Joy of Brewing Cider, Mead, and Herbal Wine” published by Skyhorse Publishing. She is a lover of all things fermented but especially grapes. Nancy writes about everything from climate change and how it affects the wine world to making acorn wine.

In 2015, in a scary but necessary whirlwind, Nancy left the career path she’d trudged since college. Part ethical dilemma, part mid-life crisis, and mostly wanting to take back her life and happiness, Koziol quit her job. She and her husband, Kris, sold their house, packed their stuff and returned to the town they’d missed since leaving it in 2007. Wine writing wasn’t the plan, but is anything ever? Not when it’s the right thing.

The Oethical Oenologist started after a few years of freelance wine writing and a book deal. It’s a work in progress that has gone from being hyper scheduled and boring to more loose and experimental. I’m always open to feedback so please feel free to comment when you love, or hate, a particular type of post.

Nancy loves the outdoors, especially hiking in New England and New York State. She also enjoys live music and cooperative board games.

You can reach Nancy by filling out this form:

Or find her on social media using the buttons at the top right of every page.

The Fine Print

All written content not quoted and attributed is mine. Post titles in quotes are song lyrics – a link appears in the post. All images belong to Nancy Koziol/The Oethical Oenologist unless attributed otherwise.

Don’t steal content. If you reblog a post please let me know and link back to the original content. If you wish to use a photograph please email me for the original file and how to attribute it. The same goes for infographics. The most important rule in life applies to using any content from my site…

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