Host Checklist + Countdown

For the purposes of this document, the representative of the company is considered a guest.

Four to Six Weeks Out

  • Book your event and pay deposit. Upon booking you’ll pay 50% as a deposit. This deposit is fully refundable until 2 weeks (14 days) prior to the event! Do not forget to mail back two hard copies of the waiver.
  • Send invites. You’ll receive a custom invite template but should feel free to create your own. All events include choice of two invites. Choices: email, print, Facebook, Instagram.
  • Monitor RSVPs. Having an accurate headcount will come in handy as the event nears!
  • Check that you have materials. Hosts are responsible for providing materials so now is the time to count glasses, buy plastic cups and make sure you have enough water glasses and pitchers!
  • Schedule childcare if necessary. Some hosts hire a babysitter (or wrangle a teenager) to provide childcare during the event so that guests don’t have to hire a sitter. This is a great option for a fundraiser.

Two Weeks Out

  • Headcount and balance due!
  • Send a reminder to guests. A reminder template is included in your packet, or feel free to make your own.
  • Make a playlist for the night. Not mandatory, but it can be fun to think about background music 🙂

Week Leading Up To Event

  • Download and print one tasting mat per guest. Print b/w or color; host’s choice.
  • 5 wine glasses per guest. Standard glasses are fine (no flutes needed for sparkling). Glasses should be clean and polished and set on tasting mats prior to guests arriving.
  • One water glass per guest. This can be any kind of glass.
  • One spit cup per guest. Recommended as a plastic cup so there’s no confusion.
  • One napkin per guest. Paper towels are fine.
  • One writing utensil per guest. People will be writing on their tasting mat. If you’re setting up at a nice table, line it with cardboard or another item to prevent impressions. Or give them soft-tipped magic markers.
  • Two pitchers of filtered water. Brita or standard pitchers are fine.
  • One basket or plate of water crackers per two guests.
  • Snacks are secured.

Make sure…

  • Your home is clean and free of odors. Do not light scented candles, incense etc. They interfere with people’s ability to taste. The best bet is to use Febreeze (unscented) or another neutralizer the morning of the tasting or evening before. Open windows if possible.
  • There are no children in the tasting room. Childcare should be provided in a separate room and children should not interrupt the tasting.
  • Your home is ready an hour before the event. This gives you time to relax and have time for anything you forget.

After the Event

  • Enjoy the extra wine. Any leftover wine is yours to keep and should be drunk within 3 days. Keep it in the fridge.
  • If it’s a fundraiser, send thank-you notes. You’d be amazed how willing people will be to give again if you send a handwritten thank-you note.
  • Send a testimonial or feedback! Have a great time? Please send an email testimonial for use on the site (will include your first name, last initial and town of residence). Got feedback? We want to hear that, too!