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Nancy Koziol is an author, freelance writer and custom content creator with marketing savvy to boot.

Nancy Koziol is authentic and puts relationships first. Whether interviewing a subject or working with a client, transparency and open communication are the cornerstones of her work.


Find Nancy’s book on homebrewing alternabrews on the shelf of your local bookstore. When Pete Wells eviscerated Brooklyn’s Peter Luger, Nancy wrote the HuffPost response. She has been featured in Mother Earth Magazine, GRIT and reviews restaurants for Santé. Santé’s top 18 followers have a reach of 1 million social media users; that’s a lot of eyes! She values press trip opportunities for the lessons they teach that she can impart to readers.


Readers and clients often praise Nancy for her command of voice. In her own work she approaches stories with confidence, authority and—where appropriate—humor. In addition to unique angles she is meticulous in matching voice to the broader picture. When writing for clients she is able to develop voice for them, or seamlessly step into the role of writing custom content in their established voice.


Nancy creates custom content creation. She researches industries, trends and keywords incorporating SEO organically into web copy. In addition, she includes social media queues with all content to assist clients in developing a social media marketing strategy that works.


Nancy Koziol drinking wine, creating custom content, freelance writingNancy Koziol was born and raised in the shadow of the greatest city in the world, New York. She was an imaginative child creating stories from the time she was able to talk. Nancy never went to bed without a flashlight, legal pad and pencil. For a time she dabbled in recording herself pretending to be a radio dj, but she missed the scritch-scratch of pencil on paper. She was the kid who preferred reading to television and spent countless hours exploring on foot and her bike. The youngest of three and a latch-key child she had plenty of time to be up to no good and that scrappy kid thinking up terrible and dangerous ideas can still be found in her eyes.

Nancy has a degree in English from Siena College where she also earned her New York State teaching certification. Nancy went on to teach English, Social Studies and Reading in Brooklyn, NY and Bennington, VT. She then ended up in Ann Arbor, MI working as a legal and contractual advocate for the Michigan Education Association. Nancy has amassed a collection of stories you wouldn’t believe from that adventure. She has also been a country club cocktail waitress and professional pianist.

In 2014, Nancy asked her husband how he’d feel if she quit her job with the MEA, tried her hand at freelance writing and they moved back to Vermont. His answer was to ask when he could start packing. They live in Bennington, VT with two dogs, a cat and a lot of booze. When Nancy’s not writing she and Kris can be found playing outside with the dogs, listening to vinyl and reading or traveling the world. They especially love trips to see the world’s best live band, My Morning Jacket.