Resume + Cover Letter Writing Services

Resume writing is daunting, to say the least, but  it doesn’t have to be. For nearly a decade I coached education students in resume writing to help them get their first jobs. Because let’s face it: it’s nearly impossible to get a job without experience. But it’s impossible to get experience without a job. I provide two methods of helping you make your resume ones that stops HR directors in their tracks and put you on the “to interview” pile.


We’ll work together over three sessions to develop your resume-writing skills. First, we’ll rip up your chronological resume and learn about the value of the functional resume. Then we’ll talk about each individual job you’re interested in and strategize what each is looking for. Next, you’ll learn the roadmap to writing the perfect functional resume for each job: no cookie cutter resumes! Our second session we’ll review the resumes you’ve produced using your new skills. That’s right, coaching involves homework. Finally, in our third session, we’ll write the perfect cover letter.

Writing Services

If you need a resume quickly and don’t have the time, energy or desire to learn to do it, I’ll write a cover letter and create a resume for the job you’re applying. This requires filling out a form so that I understand everything I need to. Then you’ll have your resume and cover letter in 72 hours.