Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Social media is not enough. Most people still Google (or use other search engines) to find businesses, blogs, products and more. That means you need a website that is optimized for search. This starts with either a site build or, if you have a site, an audit to determine whether or not you are likely to show up in search. I offer the following search engine optimization services for those without a website:

  • Coaching on site structure and necessary elements for good SEO before starting. We’ll discuss what you envision in a website and your business model before moving into keyword research, building your site’s structure and moving onto creating each page so that you’re more likely to show up on the front page of Google search results for relevant search terms.
  • Keyword research. Get lists of industry-specific keywords so that you know how to package your pages to make sure you’re hitting relevant search queries.
  • Content-writing coaching. Search Engine Optimization cannot be viewed as separate from written content. Good content has SEO weaved into it organically on the best pages. You and your team will learn how to write all content for SEO.

Have a website but not showing up?

  • Custom search engine optimization audits including report written in plainspeak and a call of 30-45 minutes to review and answer any and all questions. Includes the free tools that I use to make sure my work stands out.
  • Step-by-step plan for improving SEO. From increasing the number of words per page to keyword research, there are plenty of things you can build into your routine to improve your rank in search engines.

Small staff and no time for coaching? I also provide these services for businesses. Contact me for packages, a la cart pricing, and other options.