Social Media Coaching

Social media is a valuable tool: if brands take the time to understand it. Don’t get lost in streams and waste time. Learn how to actually use the most important platforms—each is different—to propel your brand.

The Major Social Media Platforms

There are not enough hours in the day to effectively use every social platform out there, so here are the ones I recommend clients master. My knowledge of each of these is deep and I enjoy helping others unlock success using them.


Likely the most influential and the best for expanding reach. Learn the importance of visual continuity, how to use hashtags, and how to build a loyal, engaged following without employing shady tactics.


Grow a community of loyal brand ambassadors by using Facebook to get and share ideas with like-minded fans, those who want to learn more about you and using groups and pages the right way.


This B2B platform is great for businesses that offer products and services to other businesses. Learn how to use it through social media coaching with an expert.

What about Twitter and Pinterest?

Twitter requires a huge amount of time and attention to make it worth your while. Let’s talk about whether or not you have the resources to use it so that it’s helpful or if it will just diminish your ability to other things better. Pinterest? Keep it for recipes and wish lists, it’s too passive for business.