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Recipe Roundup: Thanksgiving Cocktails

This week’s recipe? A round up of some great pitcher drink ideas for Thanksgiving.

Let's make a margarita!

This Week’s Recipe: Margaritas

Margaritas aren’t only for cruise ships and Mexican restaurants. They’re a cocktail every home entertainer should have in their recipe. Here’s the anatomy of a margarita, basic recipe, and tips for making the margarita your own with experimentation and flavors. What’s A Margarita? Today’s Margarita originated in Mexico. Tequila, orange liqueur and lime juice are […]

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This Week’s Recipe: Mojito

Make a classic Cuban highball, known as a mojito, with this easy recipe. Then make your own variations.

Drink *half* a Coke. Make it a Kalimotxo!
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This Week’s Recipe: Kalimotxo

Coke + Red Wine = Kalimotxo
Learn the ‘Motxo to make based on the state you call home.