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This white wine sangria will make you feel like you're sitting in the middle of this gorgeous landscape.
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This Week’s Recipe: Summer’s Last Stand Sangria

Standalone post featuring my caramel apple inspired sangria: Summer’s Last Stand.

Who wouldn't want to drink frozen daiquiris all the time?

This Week’s Recipe: Frozen Daiquiris

Frozen daiquiris don’t have to be something you wish for. They’re easy to make and ethical to boot!

One bottle of wine is the base of every sangria recipe.
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This Week’s Recipe: Sangria

I’ve always loved throwing together dinner on my own rather than using a recipe. Thinking about flavors and how they complement each other is inspirational and especially fun when using fresh ingredients. For the last few years I’ve enjoyed applying this creativity and knowledge to cocktail crafting. Through writing about wine for a variety of […]