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tasting the Ram's Gate Winery 2019 Vintage

“More loneliness than any man could bear…”

A message in four bottles.

Oenologist Akis Papadopoulous crafts high quality Greek white wine, red wine and rose.

“I’ve gotta get it right the first time/That’s the main thing/I can’t afford to let it pass…”

…And that’s the recipe for success in anything, isn’t it? Passion and restraint. A respect for the ways of doing things and the process but also an excitement to try something new and get it right. And don’t forget perfectionism.

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“The hills are alive with the sound of music/With songs they have sung for a thousand years…

Force Majeure is creating a legacy of incredible wine able to compete on the world stage. Learn more about them and how to follow what they’re doing!

There's no need to fear rows of bottles at a wine tasting

The Oethical Oenologist’s Complete Guide To Wine Tasting: Getting Started

Stop being intimidated by wine tasting! My guide to wine tasting is a multi-week series of blog posts, videos and downloadable content meant to take you from shaky to confident when it comes to tasting and taking tasting notes.