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“I’m going where there ain’t no fear/I’m going where the spirit is near…”

At some point, sun and wine and welcome had me feeling philosophical so I looked to my Norwegian compatriot and said, “This. This is terroir.” By forgetting everything except the vines, wines, people and moment I was in – by opening my heart as I tasted – I truly understood the sense of place that is vital to making quality wine.

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“You Left a Note in Your Perfect Script…”

Why doesn’t anyone like orange wine?

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Full Contact Wine Tasting

I haven’t posted much lately. So here’s a little story to fill the void.

Bennington Wine Tasting Meetup
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Bennington Now Has A Wine Tasting Meetup

Have you wept over the fact that Bennington doesn’t have a wine tasting group? Weep no more!