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Learn how to fix a common wine flaw!

“I’ve Lost Count of the Times I’ve Given Up on You…”

First, not all flawed wine is corked. Second, when you know the difference between basic wine flaws you can be a superhero and save wine with one specific flaw.

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“We had a dream we’d go travelin’ together/And spread a little lovin’ if we’ll keep movin’ on…”

WineGame + Sparkling Wine = a great night at The Bennington Wine Tasting Meetup

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“These here are crazy times…

Taste the wine of Walla Walla wineries and you’ll fall in love with their exceptional product. The Rhône varietals grown in the area are perfectly suited for the climate and soil and the winemakers know what they’re doing. The wine is incredibly high quality and terroir driven. But what drew me in, and is bringing me back spring 2019, is the humanity of the region. It makes me want to empty my wallet: knowing that my dollars are supporting things I believe in, people and really good wine (seriously, the wine is superb).

There's no need to fear rows of bottles at a wine tasting

The Oethical Oenologist’s Complete Guide To Wine Tasting: Getting Started

Stop being intimidated by wine tasting! My guide to wine tasting is a multi-week series of blog posts, videos and downloadable content meant to take you from shaky to confident when it comes to tasting and taking tasting notes.