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Vermont Wine & Harvest Festival

Next weekend Kris and I are heading a little east and then a little north to attend The Vermont Wine & Harvest Festival.  This is year 8 and it sounds fantastic.  I know NOTHING about Vermont wine so I’m very interested in taking a gander and learning about the area wine.  For the most part […]


Michigan Theatre’s Wine & Film Series Starts Tomorrow

This past Saturday night I was out with a few friends when one told me about Michigan Theatre’s upcoming partnership with Wine Enthusiast.  The series will run each Wednesday and feature a different wine-related film followed by a tasting at the theatre.  The films are: Somm You Will Be My Son A Year In Champagne […]


Cork It (or Screw It)?

Great infographic about the cork vs. screw top wine bottle debate.  This was originally posted at Wine Turtle.  I don’t know about you but I don’t really care what type of closure my bottle has although, like many, I can make arguments for either.  Corks are the way it’s seemingly always been done – and I […]