Web Content Writing

Hiring someone you think is a good writer is not the trick to having content on your site that works. Instead, you need to understand what goes into web-content writing. It’s very different from print writing. The best thing you can do is learn, or have your team learn, how to write for web through readability.

Understanding Readability

Search engines cannot read, but they use clues from web pages to figure out whether or not the pages are well-written. The metric used is called readability and once you understand it, everything you write on your site will help your rank in search engines.  Readability includes:

  • sentence length
  • proper use of punctuation
  • voice
  • and more…

Get Expert Coaching

With a background in education and extensive experience in professional training my model is simple: I want you to be just as knowledgeable as I am. I provide encouragement and partnership so that you fully understand readability.

No Time for Coaching?

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